Anonymous said: Calories in vs. calories out. The bottom line of weight gain or weight loss. Fat people are fat because they damn well eat more than they need to. "But, but, but my friend is rail-thin and she eats 18 bags of crisps a day!" So? She burns 18 bags of crisps worth of calories every day, apparently. So tired of this shit. Good on you for body positivity. But fuck this mentality of "obesity is cool and has no bearing on your health and has nothing to do with your diet. MY THYROID." It's false. FALSE.

-Are you seriously claiming thin people with fast metabolisms don’t exist? I guess my boyfriend is imaginary (and all of the other thin people for whom this is true, but I guess their lived experiences don’t matter? nor do the medical studies examining this group of people?).

-I honestly could not care less if an obese person is healthy or if their obesity is caused by their diet. What I care about is when people like you make blanket statements that erase experiences like mine. Because how the fuck are you going to explain to me that my weight is listed as a symptom of my medical condition? That my doctor used it to diagnose that condition? And it has nothing to do with thyroid, which um, yeah is a thing. I don’t get why that’s become such a big joke amongst fatphobes when it has a very real impact on some people’s lives (and not just on their weight).

-Bottom line is: people shouldn’t actually have to be healthy- or fit your personal definition of healthy- in order for their fatness to be acceptable or for their body to be deemed worthy of love. However, when you completely erase people’s lived experiences with disease, I’m gonna have to call you out on your ignorance and assert the reality of my own experience with my health & my weight.

-Also “fuck this mentality of ‘obesity is cool?’” Your fatphobia is showing. You can’t say you’re pro-body positivity, then say fuck celebrating your body type. Because spoiler alert: that means you’re only body positive for SOME bodies, and if your body positivity doesn’t extend to everyone, I have zero time for it.