Anonymous said: Obesity is not a beautiful thing. Obesity means sickness, it means diabetes, it means lack of self control, it means heart attacks, strokes, dying at a young age. You can't go for a nice run when it's nice out. You can't go on most roller coasters. You put so many limits on yourself. How can you possibly glorify a disease that will ruin your life? That is the sickest thing I ever heard in my life.

Obesity is beautiful. Why? Because I am beautiful. Because all obese people are beautiful.

Obesity does not mean sickness. It doesn’t mean diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, or dying at a young age (if any of that happened to me though I’d still be a fab individual, and I am insulin resistant thanks to my PCOS and I’m still wonderful).

I can go for a nice run.

I personally can go on all roller coasters.

But my life wouldn’t be less valuable if I couldn’t do all of those things.

Accepting and loving my body is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s required enormous amounts of self-control.

And when I die, however that happens, I’m going to die knowing I never sent a hateful message like this to someone, I’m going to die knowing I lived a happy life full of limitless love and ultimate pleasure. And I’m not ever going to think that my weight has ruined my life (though hating my weight and starving myself to change it almost did).

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