Anonymous said: Hi! I really love your blog and I have a quick question. Whenever I tell my friends and family that being fat is not necessarily a bad thing, they always retort with "It's not healthy!" or "Obesity is an epidemic!" or something like that. Is being obese really a health risk? And if not, how do I explain this to people so they'll understand?

Fat people can be healthy. There’s a huge list of resources about that here.

The more important thing to understand though is that it’s not ok to judge people for being unhealthy. So even if it all fat people were unhealthy (and we’re not) it still wouldn’t be ok to be fatphobic, because it’s not ok to be prejudiced against people who are unhealthy or who are perceived as unhealthy. That judgement comes from an ableist understanding of health, and we need to recognize that someone’s health is none of our business, and that someone being unhealthy does not change their value or worth.