Anonymous said: What is the point at which you deem characters/celebrities/media too offensive to consume? For example, Parks and Recreation is generally a quality, amusing, respectful show, but it does have blatant moments of appropriation, fat-shaming, and racism. It's really difficult to endorse this show sometimes, but it's almost impossible to find completely "clean" media.

Parks and Rec is one of my favorite show. But you’re right that it has problematic and offensive elements. I am of the opinion that you can consume media and simultaneously be critical of it. However, I do try to think about what kind of media I put money towards because if a show is appropriative, fat-shaming, racist, etc. ¬†and then I’m helping to fund it, that means I am affirming it, including those not-ok elements. It’s up to you how you vote with your feet so to speak and when media crosses over from something you can absorb and critique into something you just straight out avoid. For me, Parks and Rec hasn’t reached that latter category yet so I’m still enjoying it, while also critiquing it.

(I also think that if something is hurting you, it’s time to toss it out. For example, if a show has a LOT of homophobia, I can’t watch it because it’s too hurtful for me.)