Anonymous said: i have a doctor who spends 20 minutes nagging me about my weight every time i visit. the thing is, my weight is part of WHY i'm going to see him. i've struggled with it my entire life and despite my efforts i can't lose due to medical disorders. i ask him for advice and he just tells me to diet and exercise like the thought's never occurred to me. he's the only doctor in my city that specializes in his area so i can't transfer to somebody else. any tips for making him listen?

There was a good post going on a while ago about how to deal with fatphobic doctors but I can’t find it.

What I can say is that, the next time you go to see this doctor, you should ask him if you can A) avoid the topic of weight, B), make it very clear you aren’t interested in a lecture, “Shame and lectures have not produced a result you or I are happy with regarding my health thus far, so let’s avoid assigning blame and simply focus on the steps I can take to be healthier,” C) ask him specifically what nutrients you should eat and what things you could try to eat less of based around what he would tell anyone, regardless of size, with your condition, D) ask him how you can be incorporating exercises, specifically useful for your condition, into your life, and E) ask him if there’s anything outside of diet and exercise that he would suggest to a thin person with your conditions.