Anonymous said: my thighs are disproportionately larger than the rest of my body, and my pants never fit right. they're either fine in the thighs but too big in the waist, or fine at the wait but too small in the thighs. i try to be body positive, but i'm having a really bad day and i'm feeling really bad about my thighs at the moment. any words of advice? :/

-Big thighs rock. They’re jiggly. They’re soft. They’re strong. They’re sexy.¬†And my boyfriend’s head looks great between mine.

-Clothes are built for imaginary people and they rarely fit anyone perfectly. Your body’s not the problem, mass-production is.

-I find that doing something silly like drawing hearts all over my thighs can help.

-Everyone has a part of their body they struggle to love. But usually ¬†there’s someone out there who wishes their body part (for example, thighs) looked like the part you’re hating.

-You are so so so so much more than your body and your thighs. You are your disposition, your words, your actions, your love, your passions, your creativity, your humor, your intelligence.